Journey back to the mystical world of ancient England for this tale of chivalry, friendship, bravery, and romance. This enchanting musical tells the story of King Arthur, his beautiful Queen Guenevere, and Sir Lancelot, the knight with whom she falls in love. Filled with tournaments and Medieval revelry, the show includes captivating and poignant songs like “If Ever I Would Leave You” and “The Lusty Month of May.” IOB’s production will take place in the magical Ellen Theatre.

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"Drawing upon themes from T. H. White's 'Once and Future King,' the score combined a lyrical simplicity with a lush romanticism."

-The New York Times

Caernarvon Castle.JPG

"The collaborative team of Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe dominated the Broadway stage and American musical theater from 1947 into the 1960s."


The music of "Camelot" transports listeners back to the golden age of Broadway. The original production starred Julie Andrews as Guenevere and Richard Burton as Arthur.


Merlin: Gary Fish

Pellinore: Frank Simpson

Mordred: Andrew Reichert