IOB starts the season in a festive fashion with this uproariously funny operetta from the comedic genius of Gilbert and Sullivan. Follow the adventures of young Frederic, mistakenly apprenticed to a band of pirates at birth, the lovely Mabel and her sisters, pompous Major General Stanley, and of course the rowdy Pirates of Penzance themselves! Prepare to laugh all show long at the parody and silliness that ensues during one of the most popular and hilarious productions ever brought to the stage.


"Such a story, lighted up with the incessant fireworks of Mr. Gilbert’s wit, contains all the elements of popularity."


"The libretto, for of this alone we are now speaking, is as full of drolleries and amusing concetti as anything that has proceeded from the same pen."


Gilbert and Sullivan are famous for creating productions that use brilliant composition and lyrics to spoof traditional opera.