A comic opera about love, infidelity, and scheming, with the joyful and sublime music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!



“Da Ponte's dialogue is subtle and meticulously layered — but at the same time witty and involving. Mozart's music is well-crafted and immensely sophisticated — but also tuneful and infectious. Their opera, with all its artistic contrasts and complexities, reveals some simple, real-life truths: that harsh economic realities are no impediment to the instinctive richness of human intellect, and that stultifying social conventions will never dampen the spontaneity of human emotion.”

-Bruce Scott for NPR


“The composer revolutionized Italian comic opera with “The Marriage of Figaro,” his first collaboration with a great librettist, Lorenzo da Ponte. The plot’s wild doings are balanced against a score of great formal balance and musical logic, allowing Mozart to span everything from the absurd to the sublime in music that perfectly complements da Ponte’s onstage business.”

-Classic FM


“The whole score becomes the engine of the operatic drama, in which what's happening in the orchestra defines the emotional and expressive universe in which Mozart and Da Ponte's characters, and the audience, will spend the next few hours of their lives.”

-Tom Service for “The Guardian,” 2005