It takes several hundred people, in addition to the cast and orchestra, to put on an opera production. Help is needed before, during, and after each performance.

Listed below are some of the volunteer opportunities for the opera. If any of these activities appeal to your interests and talents, please contact the opera office 587-2889, OR – fill out the form below and be sure to choose your area of interest and fill in your personal information. We will put you in touch with the appropriate volunteer coordinator.


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  • Ticket sales (either in the office in the weeks prior to the performances or at the box office in the lobby of the Willson immediately preceeding performances)
  • Costumes (unpacking, organizing and repacking of rented costumes. Help with alterations or sewing of new costumes. Help with costuming during performances)
  • Props (assist in finding and building props, backstage prop help during performances)
  • Hair and make-up (for guest artists and local performers)
  • Lobby decorations (organize, set up and take down the Willson lobby decor)
  • Ushering at performances
  • Concessions during performances
  • Providing food (for musicians during rehearsals, for production party following one performance, for hospitality room during performances, other special event food needs)
  • Special event assistance (help host hospitality room, help with set-up and clean-up of production party or other special events)
  • Transportation aid (loan of a vehicle for guest artists, help with pick-up and return of rental loaner vehicles prior to arrival of guest artists and following departure)
  • Housing (provide housing for guest artists for about 2 1/2 weeks)
  • Office assistance (database maintenance, grant writing, social media, etc.)
  • Other – any other skill or area of interest you feel would contribute to the operations of the opera. Please specify.